About Us

About Laltain:

Laltain is a registered trust with its headquarters at New Delhi, India. Laltain aims to empower community development through the power of visual communication. The founding team of Laltain has a rich experience of using the visual communication as a tool for profit maximization at minimum cost. The team has won various national & international awards and recognitions in such initiatives.

Laltain is building a platform to connect creative community with corporates so, the latter can gain through latest innovations in visual communication. Laltain is giving a new meaning to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by integrating various forms of media (Print, Web, Multimedia, Broadcast and Design) and providing maximum impact returns on the investment.

As a social & cultural resource, Laltain is engaging various organisations and individuals which are into History, Art, Culture, Literature and Folklore. Laltain is also promoting the research and applied dimension of visual anthropology as professional tools in India and elsewhere in the world.

 Significance of Laltain:

The word “Laltain” is the Hindi equivalent of lantern. Lantern since several centuries has been the symbol of light. It erases darkness and spreads light. Light can be seen in both physical and metaphysical sense. When the darkness of ignorance is removed with the light of knowledge or path or systematic direction, it is light. And, the Laltain is the source of this light. Laltain is symbolic of new invention, creativity, experimentation and innovation. Laltain is enlightening a path of social & cultural integration through the medium of innovative use of existing resources.


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